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It is obvious that people are desperately looking for money and would do anything to make the money. It is true that government own the land (Part I Section 1 - subsection A & B of the Nigeria Land Use Act Chapter 202 of 1990) and that some landed properties are committed to one project or the other, but no eyes to see it by the most people of the public and those that know the history of the land are not always willing to tell the truth because of the money they want to make from the property. Nevertheless most importantly, the land in some cases may be free from government acquisition, but might have been sold by some old family members and late, but the ground children of those family may now rise to be the one selling the mass land own by someone who had in time past perfected his/her documents and yet have decided to leave the property for years by not visiting the site. The land is also under acquisition by individual/group of person(s). Be watchful and careful and don't... If you fall victim of such, it means you have entered one chance and maybe in the future, the owner show up and say he wants his/her property back to him/herself, how will you feel? Sorry or duped or cheated? No... Looking at the Part II, Section 5- Subsection 2 part A & B " That during the period of statutory certificate of occupancy, the owner:
(a) shall have the sole right to and absolute possession of all the improvements of the land;
(b) may, subject to the prior consent of the Governor, transferor, assign or mortgage any improvements on the land which have been effected pursuant to the terms and conditions of the certificate of occupancy relating to the land."

With the above explanation, it show that government have the sole right depending on the level and individual/group which the government has given the power over the land also has absolute power over the land. So, do all your search from LANDS in your locality or meet a registered surveyor to help you conduct your search properly so as not to fall victim of any land matters. Money no easy to get oooo... Even if you dey steal am, e no easy to steal oooo. Learn before you leap and be sure of what you are buying before paying. Don't because of N10,000 - N20,000 wey you go take do search go lose millions or billions of Naira oooo
NB: There are many other reasons why you should do search before buying property in Nigeria

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