Helpful Information to Property Buyers

Size of Property: We can search by the minimum or maximum square foot of house or land, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, etc. For land, do you want a smaller lot so you don’t have much to take care of, enough to have a garden and some privacy from neighbors, or acreage for a farm or forested sanctuary? Utilities and Roads: Is there piped water or rain water catchments? Electricity? Good roads or rustic graded roads? Keywords: I can sort for specific words in the listing remarks such as “farm” “dry land” “fruit trees” “privacy” “stream” “ocean view”, etc. However, this type of search is limited to the comments the listing agent has entered into the listing.

Almost all of my e-clients end up tossing out 90% of what they have seen online once they get here, do their area drive by and get a real idea of what is what and where the properties are. It does help however to keep a list of the most interesting opportunities so I can check to see which ones are still available when you arrive. It generally works out best when we sit down at the computer together to sort through our listing and narrow down from the hundreds of listings to a manageable number of choices and areas, most clients ask for maps to drive by the areas on their own, then we get back together to start booking appointments on the best possibilities.

Other Things to Consider The Nigeria Real Estate “Buying Seasons” are the first few months of the year and the festive periods. If you are coming here between January and March or between October and December, please let me know as early as you can so I may reserve time for you. It’s true that a handful of the agents are doing the majority of the real estate sales… so it is a good sign that your Gods Grace Properties Management Consultants Agent has projects he is working on and needs to schedule for you! What about Nigeria “For Sale By Owner” properties? I can work with you though a Buyers Representation Agreement, which means you have hired me to be your real estate agent. Often the Seller pays my fee, sometimes it is the Buyer, sometimes it is shared – it’s all negotiable and something we consider when we write up our offer. I get paid for spending the time with you to learn about the location, researching and comparing to see if the properties listed or FSBO property has a better value, and assist as your representative though the offer and escrow process. This makes it important you have a realtor.