How is Realtor Paid

Realtors are self-employed sales agents. I realize that potential Buyers are not only looking at houses, but also shopping for the agent whom they want to work with.  I certainly hope to be the one!  But that is my point.  I’m glad to answer quick questions.  However, at some point early in our work, I need to know that I am going to be the agent you go through when you buy a property.  I get NUMEROUS inquiries about Lagos real estate, so I need to be somewhat protective of my time so that I can be available to my clients for showings, negotiating offers, and handling the many issues that come up with the inspection, loan and escrows.  I only get paid for my time and expense when we close a property transaction.  Thank you for understanding!

Summary:  Figure out the amount of funds you have available and/or how much you can afford to buy a property.  Look for the best area in Nigeria based on your price range and what is important to you. Search for the best opportunities in the right area – not necessarily the cheapest priced property.  Nigeria is wonderful and full of opportunities – we have something for just about everyone! I hope this information is helpful to you in your search to buy a home or land here on real estate in Nigeria.  As your agent, we can work as a team to help you narrow down to what you really hope to find, and get your piece of paradise