Property Sales and Services in Lagos/Abuja, Lagos

The best and affordable properties at Olatunji Akangbe Associates. Land for Sale, at most competitive prices & the finest service. Free, independent and professional advice with personalized friendly service. What Are You Really Looking For? A piece of land to build or for an investment? A low priced fixer or starter home, medium priced ready-to move-in or a newer home, or a higher end home on acreage or something special with an ocean view?

Do you need enough land for a garden, or acreage for a farm or personal retreat? How far to town, shopping, school, hospital or the airport? How do you feel about unpaved roads and rain water catchment systems? If I have a good idea of what you want, as your real estate agent, I can help simplify the process by sending over some possible choices from our multiple listing service for you to review.

We will save you money and time so that you can enjoy the finest landed properties or homes of yours.

Affordability and Terms of Sale: What are you thinking in terms of price range? Are you pre-approved for loan for that amount? It is helpful to understand that in real estate “You get what you pay for.” ie., Fixer or Foreclosure homes are often less money to buy, but require extra cash for needed repairs, while newer homes usually do not. Big estate, home and land prices can also vary widely depending on location.

Looking to Buy Sell or Invest in Homes & Land in Nigeria? Lagos, Portharcourt, Abuja, etc., offers the big Opportunity. I’ve helped many Buyers & Sellers in real estate transactions in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria. I’d like to help you too! Does the property itself qualify for a bank loan?

Sellers are generally selling because they need cash or relief from debt. If a Seller is offering to give financing on a Nigeria home, it is usually for one of 2 reasons 1. So they can get a higher than market price for the home or 2. Because the home itself cannot qualify for bank loan (most often due to permit issues or titles involved.) If a property was constructed without permits, most lenders won’t loan on it. If the home is partially permitted, then only the permitted portion will be included in the appraisal, so you will need extra cash or Seller financing for the difference between the appraise value and the selling price.